Kasoy Oil | Cashew Nut Oil


Cashew shell oil extracted from the waste of cashew shell is 100% organic.

The two main ingredients of cashew oil are anacardic and cardol both associated in dermatological treatment and as anti-aging.

Also try our Kasoy Cream for the removal of unwanted Moles, Warts, and other skin defects.

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Kasoy Oil | Cashew Nut Oil | 10 ml

Benefits of using Cashew Nut Oil for Skin:

1. This oil will provide a smooth texture to your skin.
2. Apply this oil on a regular basis to find that your skin has retained its moisture. This is largely due to the abundance of moisture present in cashew nut oil. This in turn can be owed to the availability of high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids in it.

3. Being rich in Vitamin E, it plays a vital role in anti-aging mechanism and therefore has become an important ingredient in anti-aging products.

4. Do you suffer from skin infections or warts? Want to try a home remedy? Apply cashew nut oil or the cashew shell oil on the infected area as the oil has the ability to treat fungal infections.

5. Cashew nut oil also helps in improving your skin complexion.

Benefits of using Cashew Nut Oil for Hair:
This mild yet sweet, fragrant oil has to offer a lot of advantages for your hair as well. How, you may ask?

6. The pivotal ingredients that play the huge role are Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids. Acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid are richly present in this oil and can be used for all hair types. This, therefore, renders a smooth and shiny texture to your hair.

7. Again, for those of us who suffer from balding, the solution lies in applying this oil on a regular basis and you will surely note the difference.

8. If you are wondering whether cashew nut oil can treat scalp infections, think no more because it can!


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